Friday, May 13, 2011

Is it too late for Christmas Pics? :)

Kayla Lovin' the Bows!

Z and Pepa!

Emily soooo happy with her gift from Santa!

Christmas Morning

Haley Playing her new Harmonica

My siste Sam and Kayla

Grandma and Kayla

Cute little chubby cheeks!

Haley Modeling the had and pruse I made for my nieces!

Christmas Frost!

More Frost

Nativity Set I made with my Mom and Sam

Lunar eclipse

Zander's Christmas Presentation at School

Kayla Playing under the Tree

Emi taking care of baby Jacob (our nefew)

Emily Feeding "the Cats" :)

My loves!

Little Princess


Vampire Teeth back in Nov.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Here are just a bunch of random pictures from this past year in random order. Some with stories and some without! :)

Mama and Kayla enjoying the sun!
My favorite Banana muffins, Oh so good!
Daddy gave Emily a Hair cut....
Here's the Before:

And here's the after:

I don't know why but I love this picture!
My little cutie! :)
Walking with daddy
At a park in Denver
Sweet little Haley
All my loves! :)
Cutie Patootie!
Zander Broke his arm falling off a swing on my birthday. He had his cast on for a month but that didn't stop him form jumping on the trampoline and the furniture and his sisters.
Love this face! LOL!
This is my Tio Loco, he is the best photographer and I only wish I could take pictures half as well as him. He came to visit this summer from South America
This is how Kayla gives kisses!
My babies! We went on a short hike on the only camping trip we went on this summer.
This was during our camping trip. It rained on our way up there and on the way down but we got lucky and missed it!
Giraffe Tongue!
My sister Katherine and Baby Kayla
Mema and Pepa loving little Kayla
Emily and my sister Sammy
Oh here's the camping trip/ hike again!
All my loves chillin' in Mema's back yard.
Z lost his first tooth (more like daddy pulled it)!
Haley our little artist and a Dinosaur
Fishing at Rampart Reservoir with the kids was not so fun. It was way to hot. There was only gravel everywhere and try keeping track of 4 kids by the lake. We left after a couple hours of not catching anything and kids getting into all kinds of trouble.
Here's our sweet little artist at work drawing a lion. So cute!
Yes that's Emily sleeping in the rocks "under" a tree... long story short. She was tired and wanted me to come lay down with her outside. I had to feed Kayla so I told her to go wait in the the shade under the tree for me until I was done. When I got out there she was asleep under the wrong tree, as you can see (no shade, too many rocks). I felt so bad. Poor sweet heart!
Father's Day! The dads in our Family: My sisters husbands Josh and Kraig and my dad and my hubby with the awesome superman cake my sister Steph and I made! :)
My sleeping boys!
Wascaly Wabbit!
At Fox Run Park with my mom and sisters and the kids. I really need to star wearing makeup. I look terrible in all these, BUT Haley looks adorable so I had to post it, she's the hardest to get a good picture of she's always turning away from the camera!
Kayla with my mom
Pepa and Kayla
Handsome little boy!
Slip and Slide! We put in on the hill in my parent's back yard and it was so much fun... the kids were not the only ones going down! :)
Here's Haley hitting the water

And Zander anticipating the hit
Sweet baby K looks bored but beautiful with those chubby cheeks!
My cute little girls! This is the first time Kayla smiled for the camera on purpose!
Haley hanging out in the yard one Sunday afternoon
Kayla looks so cute in her little super girl wet suit! (Aunt Sammy is wearing her superman shirt too). Have I ever told you that we are SUPER geeks in our family?
I love these trees and path. It's just a few minutes walking from my parents house.
Emily climbing out of the snake's mouth at the Zoo
Z and Haley taking a break in a Huge chair at the Zoo